Monday, June 2, 2014


Artists Develop Art Making Skills...
When this sculpture project was first introduced to us, I had a hard time planning out my piece. At first I was thinking about making jewelry but I didn't know what to make for that. After that I decided to do a clay tile for my art work. It was very challenging at first when I started to do my clay tile, and it involved a lot of steps before actually doing anything to the tile. I first had to pick out a story in which I decided to do a scene from the movie tangled, then I had to draw that event on tracing paper, flatten my clay tile, trace the paper on top of the clay to get the outlines of my picture, and then I started to begin working more on the clay. This was very challenging for me and it was a lot harder then what I thought it to be. The new techniques I learned for the sculpture project was how to add on clay to bump up your image to have that 3d perspective. Adding clay to my image was easy for some parts but when it came to me putting more clay on the two characters I had a difficult time with that.  It was hard getting every detail on the face of the people so I had to get another slab of clay and make it more thinner to retrace the image of just the faces and then after my piece began looking more realistic.
I had done clay in the past, so I did have prior knowledge on what to do but there still were new methods I learned during this project. In some of my previous projects I did in art such as pop art I used carving tools, and when I had to use carving tools again for my clay piece it was much easier to work with.  At first my project was very challenging to me especially when I had to add more clay on but later I learned the techniques and soon start to get the hang of it and I think my project turned out really good.
Artists Collaborate
By this sculpture project being something new to me and I wasn't sure on how to first began my piece I did ask for some intake from some of my students as well as teacher. The main part I need help on was when I had to add more clay to the image to bump it up.  At first this process was really hard to me then after some of my classmates told me what to do which made everything more easier and I started to use more appropriate tools that made my piece easier to work with.
I did learn a lot of important information that helped me during this project and my piece turned out as a success. My main problem was bumping up the faces of my characters and after I learned how to get a new slab of clay and then to retrace the faces so I can get the details, helped me a lot and I'm glad I asked my classmates and teacher for feedback I never saw me doing a clay tile until I got some inspiration to try something different in which I enjoyed doing.

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