Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shibori Dyeing

  The artist I felt was unique and had a really interesting technique is Michael Smith. Each of Michael's art work pieces are different in their own way. Instead of Michael just making art he has made art with a purpose. His art is wearable art which is very impressive and he has done this for over 25 year, which is a very long time. His technique isn't a traditional style and he has been working under three names which were three wishes, chaos, and Mystic Eye. I searched where Michael Smith is from and I couldn't find anything.
  While Michael uses a non traditional shibori technique he also combines discharge, immersion, and a variety of colors on fabric and does his own designs. He places his dye on white fabrics like silk or chiffon. Michael gets shirts that have white or black cotton shirt blanks, the fabric is folded between one and three times. When the t-shirt is soaking wet, it is manipulated with the artist's fingers such as Michael's and put through the Crinkleator to set the patterns. The shirts are stuck between stainless steel grids, and the fabric that is already done goes in a series of fiber dye solutions. Michael uses three separate color tools so his art can have more of a variety of color combinations. When Michael is done with the dye it goes in hot water to clear off some of the dye, after the shibori  fabric is sewn into garments.  I think Michael's art is more retail since its wearable and is more of a garment then a flat piece of work that can be in a gallery. I picked this artist because I like the way he does his style, instead of using one color he decided to make a bunch of colors.  Also unlike most artists I have learned about never have wearable art so I enjoyed how he has made a lot of garments, that some people wear.  His techniques are good and I hope to one day use those same techniques to make a dye shirt.

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