Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two In One Project

In Progress...
The two images I have decided to do for my two in one project is a monkey and a man.  It was very challenging at first to pick what I should do for this project then after when I started to plan and sketch I finally figured a man and a monkey would be perfect for this project.  This idea came to me because a man and a monkey each have similar expressions and features but are still different.  So to put there different and same features together I morphed the two together, one half is a monkey and the other half is a man.  the audience gets a better view about the comparisons and differences about a monkey and a man from my two in one project.  For this project I plan on using pencil or graphite, this seems like a better technique and also it helps me get every little detail and shape for the monkey and man.  I have made it to my final art work piece and the difficulties I am having is making the head for the half man and half monkey, I'm trying to get the perfect shape and want to have the right angles so when people look at my picture it can look more realistic.
(finished piece)

I think my finished work was pretty successful, I feel like my art work turned out really good as well.  I'm proud on how I did the monkey's face and man's face together too show a true two in one piece. I feel like the picture looks more realistic then fake and I also think that was from the features such as the eyes, mouth, nose, etc. In the videos we watched for our warm ups on how to make eyes, noses, and mouth really did help me in this project.  Like for my one page sketch my eyes and noses were okay but not to realistic but that video guided me in making more accurate eyes, noses, and a mouth for the man and monkey. If there was one thing I would want to change in my piece of art it would be the monkey's body.  I feel as if I could have made more fur on the monkey to show more characteristics of this creature and maybe drew a chest on the monkey.  I have incorporated the two in one theme by picking two images and morphing them together, and my two images are a man and a monkey.  Instead of making two separate drawings on the same sheet of drawing I put the two together to make it become more like a two in one.  Also its easy to see that the two different images have came in together and I like it because the monkey and man's features are alike, and that helped me with the picture since there are many similarities.  This project has helped me become more creative and I learned that a drawing isn't always about one subject its about many of them coming together to create something new.  I enjoyed this project a lot and hope to be doing something like this again in the future.