Monday, June 2, 2014

Nature Art

Artists Take Risks...
In art class we decided to try something new for our project in which was nature art. This was my first time ever hearing about nature art, and when it was first introduced I thought this was going to be a very challenging project. After learning more about nature art it can be really easy and even the simplest things such as a print in the sand can be defined as nature art. I wasn't sure on what I was going to do for nature art, because there were many options but also I thought about my project's outcomes. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to make my art out of sand because when drawing on sand it can be difficult sometimes, based on how deep you should go, if there is enough sand for a print to be made, etc.
I did pick out a new technique in which was going outside and working on sand, and usually while doing art projects I use pencils or colored pencils. But during this project I had used a different material to make my piece and this new material was just a plain old stick. When I first began this project it was really new to me because I never did a art project in the sand and I felt as if I was doing something wrong, even though I wasn't. When I was sketching out my details in the sand I noticed it was just like sketching something in my drawing pad, but instead I have a stick and its on sand. After that I did my drawing on the sand, and I think I did well on it and the stick helped me get the right details. At first it had been hard since the sand would blow away or cover my piece which meant I had to go over it but once I started going deeper and deeper in the sand my piece stayed where it needed to be.
Artists Communicate through their work...
My artwork was intended to say that art is unpredictable and doesn't have to always just be on paper it can be expressed in many ways. People express who they are and what they like in many ways it shows us who they are and can be shown in many different forms of art.
The issues I'm showing tells my audience to not be like everyone else, and to think outside the box. Its good to be unique that's what makes everyone special we are all different in a good way, and shouldn't be a follower but a leader.  its not good to always be plain its good to go out and try something different, like for example nature art.  Usually people just do art on paper, clay, walls, and more but its good to try doing more than that and to do something never nature art. Its hard to believe art can be done in nature but its all around us and even though it stays and then goes its still something fun to do.
I never heard of nature art until this project, so after doing this project I learned how fun and exciting it was. This art expresses me because I am unique and instead of doing what everyone else was doing I went outside and started drawing on sand, which most people don't do. Also I like doing random designs on my drawing pad and on the ground so doing this project helped me learn more about what I like and also I think this is one of my favorite projects.

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