Monday, June 2, 2014

Art Journals

Artists Develop Art Making Skills...
In class we did a project on art journals and this was something new as well as exciting.  I liked how we were able to pick out slips of paper for a word or phrase to show what our topic was about in our art journal. It was easier to know what I was doing for my project instead of having this long thinking process in what I should do for my project.  The word I got was secret and the phrase I had was a best moment shared between me and my mother. It was a challenge to find a best moment shared between me and my mom because there has been so many and hardly any magazines I saw had a picture to explain a great moment. So instead I just decided to use the word "secret" for my art journal, which at first I didn't know what to do for my journal since a lot of things can be associated with secret and then after I had an idea. I did learn new skills in which was adding tissue paper as the background to my page with some glue that you put on the back, then place the paper on top, to then add more glue on that paper, and to have the glue dry clear. At first I was having a hard time with the glue and never adding another coat on top when later I knew what to do and my background was much better. Also during this project it was something different because usually we are always drawing or sketching out our pieces, but this time we were able to get pictures from magazines and then paste them to the page.
I did gain some skills with familiar materials such as pictures when I was pasting them on my journal page, I also learned more about glue and how it can help a lot with projects such as mine. This project helped me a lot gain new skills, and it was something new to try that I really liked.
Artists Collaborate...
When I first started this project secret was a good word to use, but like I said before there were a variety of options I could have done that involved secret. After thinking for a long time I asked one of my classmates on what I should do and she said that by me liking the show "Pretty little Liars" I should do that. Once my classmate told me that idea it really helped me out a lot and finally I could start working on my piece. Since pretty little liars is one of my favorite shows it was easy to elaborate on it and to get some ideas on what pictures I should have and how my journal should be formatted. The show pretty little liars is all about these 4 group of friends who are trying their best to keep a secret but the more they try to keep it the more danger they are in.  This is why I think this series matched perfectly for my art journal.
My classmate pushed me into the right direction on what I should do for secret which was a big help, also she inspired me a little. In my art journal there are some lyrics to a song in which my classmate told me would be a good idea to have on my page. This song is all about keeping secrets and also its the theme song to pretty little liars as well.  At first my project was challenging to me since I didn't know what to do, then after I had a little guidance which I believe made a good art journal.

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