Friday, March 28, 2014

Ipad Drawing

A layer is of one thickness of something such as an art work piece that lies over something or between the other thicknesses, and is a flat covering between others. Layers go on top of one another making the piece more than 1 and layers also make the material become wide or thick.
I used different layers in my work today to help me with the colors on my monster. When I did use layers it made everything more easier and organized and if I didn't like one thing, I could have just deleted that one layer to help make my drawing more better.  What I did for the layers was that the first one was the color of body, then after I went to the eyes and mouth for the next layer, and kept on continuing the process like the hair and bow and it was easier to finish my piece. Also the layers help the monster get more details and look more realistic like mine does, so the layers really helped. In the Ipad there was also a category for the layers and it was easy to add as well as delete the layers so it wouldn't mess up my art work, and it also showed what I was doing on that layer so I wouldn't be confused as well. Layers have helped me on this project and I feel that I did good on my work piece.

Monday, March 17, 2014


This gif relates to me because I just love the game flappy bird.  This is one of the apps on my phone that I am constantly using every day.  Flappy bird is a real fun game and its very exciting and I just keep playing so I can beat my high score, its really funny how quickly this game became popular.  First no one knew about it and then soon it was all over social networks and later this game got everyone's attention, especially mine and I just enjoy playing this game and I hope you like it.

Print Making

Artists Communicate through their work...
1.)While doing this project i wanted to show pop art, which is art that when people look at that piece they automatically know what it is from it being popular in today's society.
2.)In this project i wanted to show how addicting games such as flappy bird can be, and sooner or later the word spreads about different games such as this one and more and more people start to play it.  As for me i never thought i could be interested in a game like this but after my friends were talking to me about it and i started to play it, i couldn't stop because it was fun and i wanted to beat my high score.  Later this game became more popular and people would talk about it on the social networks getting more people addicted and wanting to play so that's why i decided to do flappy bird because all of a sudden this game becomes popular in a flash.  Everyone loves technology and use their phones and the apps on their phones like flappy bird that's what mostly society is about now and we just keep on using it and using it and playing games over and over again and my print making of flappy bird shows how much games can affect people and how also technology can affect people, but its still fun and once people see my piece they automatically know what it is.
3.)I did this piece because i felt that it was pop art because this game was popular and it was all over social networks, and all the time i would hear people talking about it as well as play the game. I was also playing the game every single day and wouldn't stop because it was fun and a little addicting, so after that I knew i had to do flappy bird to show how many people constantly played it and automatically know what it was when they saw the picture.
Artists Take Risks...
1.)I wasn't sure what colors i should use for flappy bird because there were so many of them, like blue, orange, yellow, black, white, red, etc. It was especially hard for me because instead of the bird staying yellow it changed colors throughout the game so it was also a difficult decision to see what the official color should be for the bird. After knowing the colors i wanted, it was hard to make all the colors shown on the printmaking from so many layers, but light to dark helped me.
2.)I did have new materials in this project such as the ink involved, this was my first time using ink and I wasn't sure if the picture was going to turn out right.  But really my printmaking did turn out well and the colors popped out and it looks really good from the ink, so maybe one day I can use this material again.  It was also different for me when I kept on overlapping my picture, each time I used different colors.  I'm usually use to drawing a sketch that one time and I never repeated the same steps for my previous projects but for this one it was different.  I enjoyed this project and it was a new way for me to create art with just a block, ink, and rolling paint brush.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meme Assignment

First definition of Art:  Art is how you create a piece of work, and the way you portray that piece.  Art isn't just a sheet of paper, it can be many materials its just on how you create that piece.  Its also how someone views the piece, it might not look like a piece of work to you, but someone else could think its a creative/unique design.
New Definition: Art can be anything as long and you put creativity into it and also its still the way someone views it, and everyone has their own opinion what art is.  As for example some people may think meme is art while others don't. But still art is a piece of work with paint, pictures, pencils, etc.

Origami Project

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Colored Project

In Progress...
  The theme I have picked is explore, because this theme has gave me the opportunity to do something different.  I enjoy traveling and exploring a variety of places and that's why I also picked this theme as well, I've been to a lot of places with my family and friends.  But in this project I didn't want to draw a place I've already been to I wanted to incorporate a drawing that shows where I want to go in the future and this explore drawing also shows what type of area interest me.  That is why I am drawing the London tower bridge for my project, because my dream is to one day go to London and enjoy their scenery especially on top of the tower bridge.  During my project I wasn't sure if I should use colored pencils or oil pastels for my bridge, but after thinking I decided to use colored pencils as my medium.  I picked colored pencils as my medium because its easier to use them in the tight places that I drew for my tower.  Also the colored pencils can help my audience see every detail in the picture, unlike the oil pastels that would become very messy and very complicated to view my picture.  I knew that when I was picking this type of bridge it would take time and patience as well as some difficulties.  The difficulties I've been having is trying to get all the details and angles right that are shown in the tower.  There were so many details that I needed to focus on and I also wanted to have the London bridge pop out more from the sky, so to show more emphasis on the bridge I had to make sure I was using the right colors and to color in the right places to make the picture look more realistic and to have the right lighting in the sky, tower, and in the water below.

  I think my finished piece was successful, I think I made the tower look a lot like the actual London tower bridge.  I drew all the details that were visible on the bridge and I think the background and the sky behind it looks very nice especially from my shading and different shades of colored pencils I used.  I  believe I drew straight lines and angles to make the bridge and I think the buildings behind the tower are successful as well.  In my project I like the background such as the buildings, sky, and water, but I am most proud of the tower bridge.  The Tower Bridge was the main thing that needed to be in the project and I think after I did well on that it made the rest of the drawings behind it fit and look really good.  At first I thought that maybe I couldn't draw the bridge but after putting my mind to it I think I did a really good job.  The details and color on it makes the picture come to life more and let the audience see more clearly what time of day it is and where its at.  If I had to change one thing about my project it would be the sky, because I feel like I did good on the sky, but I wish I added more shades of blue and filled in the tiny white spaces more to help emphasize the bridge.  Also I wish I added some black into the blue to show a more night sky than a clear blue sky in the morning.  In the project I learned that a place such as the London tower bridge has many details that you might not notice at first but when you stop to take a good look for a project that's when you see the project in a different way and get everything that catches your eye like the details and the background, also the more you add the more the place can look realistic.  Another thing I learned from the project is that there are many techniques to draw a project like one can be in pencil while the other can be colored by colored pencils.  I think I like this project more because we were able to use color, I learned that sometimes color can help a project catch the audiences eye but its also how you put that medium or material in it.  As for example I was able to have lighting and a pretty sky from the different shades of colored pencils and the bridge even looked more better with the colors in the background and the colors on the bridge.