Monday, April 28, 2014

Art History

My group did the piece Frida Kahlo "Portrait" for our art history project, it was a challenge at first to see what piece we could represent. There was a large variety of different art works of Frida Kahlo, and after thinking about how we could do our picture and what props or material we needed; my group and I finally selected a picture to do. The movement for this piece was expressionism, in which expressionism in used in paintings, drawings, and sculpturing.  In which it forms from nature or exaggerated colors for emotive or expressive purposes. Frida Kahlo is a very well known piece created by the Mexican painter who is most popular from her self portraits Frida Kahlo. Everyone in my group had a job, most of the jobs were props, the power point for the presentation, and planning.  Hunter bought props and different materials to make our picture come more to life and look exactly like the portrait, such as getting the yarn for the hair.  I helped with the planning like what we should do in the video, what part we should have, and how we should use these different materials/props in the video. Caitlin helped with the props as well and while we were filming the video Caitlin was holding the sheet behind me as the background.  We all worked together and found information to help create our power point to present, and after all that we were done with the project. If we were do to the project again then I would probably want to add more detail, we had enough props for the video but I think we could have added a little more. As for example the blush on Frida's face in the portrait we could have done and instead of just the eye brows we could have drew some hair above my lips, like the picture.  if there were more details then the audience could easily see what we were indicating and it helps give our video more life and making the video look exactly like the picture.

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